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ISH, Frankfurt Fair, 15 to 19 March, 2011, Hall 6.0, Stand B40

“K65”: New piping system for high-pressure applications up to 120 bar

Right on time for the ISH 2011, the manufacturers IBP Conex Bänninger and the Ulm-based Wieland Werke AG present their newly developed system solution “K65”. Based on a high-strength copper alloy, this system is suitable for applications operating at pressures up to 120 bar. K65 is thus predestined for use as a high-pressure tube system for the medium CO2 as a coolant. CO2 is being used increasingly in the commercial field – as an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional coolants. Areas of use are, for instance, the refrigeration systems in supermarkets. Because of the high strength of the material, the K65 product series can be made with very thin walls, thus meeting the high technical demands with an economical utilisation of material. The light weight of tubes of K65 means not only a significant saving in material, but also easier handling, for example when mounting the pipes on ceilings. The processing of components made of K65 is comparable to that of copper. K65 pipes may be hard-soldered to K65 fittings– welding is not required. Furthermore, K65 pipes by Wieland and K65 fittings by IBP Conex Bänninger fall under a joint system guarantee that includes CO2 applications up to 120 bar.

In refrigeration, and in particular in the area of supermarket refrigeration systems, more and more ecology-oriented plant concepts are being implemented. The modern, environment-friendly coolant CO2 that is used here leads to high operating pressures. For these applications, the new K65 piping system is now available. Pipes and fittings are made of Wieland K65, an alloy that has already been used with success in electrical engineering and the automotive industry. K65 allows economical installation of systems with operating pressures up to 120 bar. K65 pipes and fittings are marked appropriately, so that the original system components can be clearly identified at all times. Pipes made of K65 are marked as “Wieland K65 120 bar”, and are certified according to VdTÜV Material Sheet 567. The dimensional tolerances for the pipes, which are delivered in small bundles, are based on EN 12735-1. The fittings are also marked “>B< K65 120 bar”. The basic range of pipes and fittings embraces sizes from 5/8” to 1 1/8” (15.87 mm to 28.57 mm). Further sizes are deliverable on request, including those for the industrial sector. For installation work, the processing guidelines for connecting tubes in copper according to DIN EN 378 and DKI information sheet i 164, which are usual in refrigeration technology, continue to apply, and are followed unchanged. The material is slightly magnetic, and can easily be distinguished from copper by means of a neodymium magnet – a helpful, practical advantage, in addition to the light weight and the proven connection technology.

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