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Wieland Components is your partner for realising challenging components and assemblies - from the concept via the prototype through to series production.

Our competence in copper alloys and a strong network of experts will help you further your success in the manufacture of technically complex products.

Product line

  • Copper rotors

    Copper bars

    For fabricated copper rotors 
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    White paper

    Investigation on the Mechanical and Electromagnetical Performance of a Squirrel Cage Induction Machine with Radially Laser Welded End Ring Connections.

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  • Components

    Induction motor

    For high-speed induction motors, the aluminium materials frequently used in the rotor of the induction motor have reached their strength limits. 
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    Permanent-magnet synchronous motors

    Already today, Wieland is producing for an environmentally friendly future – system components for high-performance electric motors 
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  • Castings


    casting offers design freedom provided by no other casting process. The process allows easy production of complex components without costly rework. Both small- and large-scale series can be produced cost-efficiently. In addition to high-copper alloys, a large number of copper alloys can be processed.

    Lost-foam casting is an evaporative pattern casting process in which foam models are embedded in moulding sand. Molten metal is poured directly into the foam filled mould, burning out the foam as it pours, with the molten metal filling the resulting cavity for an accurate reproduction of the model geometry.

    Lost Foam

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  • Copper sections

    Copper sections and components

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