There are many types of coatings – WICOATEC is unique.

The CVD thin-film coating (chemical vapour deposition) from Wieland offers a unique combination of coating characteristics.

This patented process for metal components is suitable for the coating of inner surfaces that are difficult to access and show complex shaped surface structures:

  • Purely inorganic coating with high chemical resistance
  • Contour accuracy through coating thicknesses < 1 µm
  • High temperature resistance

Your components are in the best hands with us: We have been metal specialists since 1820. This is an important prerequisite for taking full process responsibility for your component; from cleaning through to coating.

For only with the right pre-treatment can a coating reach its full potential.

  • What makes WICOATEC unique?

    WICOATEC combines characteristics which currently no other coating is able to provide.

    Applicable to all metallic surfaces, even in long tubes – unattainable for established thin-film coating processes

    Naturally resistant, even in highly corrosive environments with temperatures over 400°C – in this coating thickness realisable with no other process

    Contour accuracy
    No change in component dimension and thermal conductivity – particularly for precision components with a narrow tolerance range and for heat exchangers, it is the process of your choice.

  • Where can WICOATEC be used?

    Originally developed as corrosion protection, we have continuously improved WICOATEC and achieved different surface modifications.

    Corrosion protection
    WICOATEC helps to use metals in environments that have previously been impossible for uncoated surfaces.

    Here you can see the effects of WICOATEC

    WICOATEC has been shown to reduce scaling on surfaces that are permanently or frequently in contact with water.
    WICOATEC offers even more. We are currently working on further developments that have been made possible by the CVD process. With your specific requirements you can help to set priorities.

    Electrical insulation
    WICOATEC has an electrically insulating effect. Fully or only partially applied to a component, WICOATEC provides new application possibilities.

    Adhesion promotion
    WICOATEC increases the adhesive strength of adhesives and plastics on metals.

    Wear protection
    WICOATEC has the potential to strengthen the coating thickness of the treated material, thus considerably reducing wear.

    Hydrophilic and hydrophobic surfaces
    The tailor-made setting of the surface energy is part of our R&D agenda.

  • How does WICOATEC differ from conventional coatings?

    Complex components with a high aspect ratio, long tubes or milled channels (e.g. 4 mm channel width with 4 m channel length) can be coated using the WICOATEC coating process. Using chemical vapour deposition makes it possible to also coat cavities, inner surfaces and undercuts.

    We are working on a further reduction of the process temperature, making WICOATEC suitable for more temperature-sensitive materials as well.

  • Which potentials offers WICOATEC?

    With WICOATEC we have created a technology that can be adapted to your requirements.

    This basic technology has the potential to extend the range of characteristics of the ceramic thin layer according to your requirements. This enables the specific setting of surface characteristics (hydrophobic, hydrophilic, electrically insulating, etc.)

  • WICOATEC is more than just a coating

    We support your project from the concept to the finished series product.

    We engage in comprehensive R&D activities and will find the optimum WICOATEC coating for your component.

    Sample production
    To be able to test your components, we will coat your components in our technical laboratory with short lead times and in small quantities.

    Series production
    The available equipment operates round the clock for you. To ensure our quality, it has continuous process monitoring.

    We offer you our in-house analysis and inspection methods at the highest level. With decades of experience in metal and metal analysis, your project is in good hands.